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Creamy Coconut Curry

homemade coconut curry

A super simple homemade curry with no need for hundreds of spices as it only uses curry powder. Great with meat or vegetarian, dairy free, mild and sooo tasty –  kids and adults will love this. I am not really a fan of making curries, mainly because they always have a huge list of ingredients Read the full article…

Lentil Bolognese Recipe

Lentil Bolognese RECIPE

A great vegetarian alternative to the classic bolognese.  A tasty, wholesome and satisfying meal that is healthy too, a definite winner! Being entirely honest, I didn’t have particularly high hopes for this recipe. I have never made anything entirely based on lentils before (My use of lentils previously has always been more of a chuck-a-token-handful-of-lentils-into-a-stew-because-you-can’t-taste-them Read the full article…

The Best Slow Cooker Gammon Recipe

best slow cooker gammon recipe

After much searching I have finally found the best way to cook gammon in the slow cooker, and it only takes 1 minute and 2 ingredients to make! I have spent a lot of time trying out gammon recipes in my slow cooker. I have cooked it in apple juice, orange juice, cider, sweet chilli Read the full article…

Leftover Chicken Pasta Bake

pasta bake with leftover chicken

A brilliant way to use up a leftover chicken, this creamy and gorgeous pasta bake topped with cheese is one of our family favourites! It is a great meal to plan for the day after a roast chicken dinner. I sometimes make this up on the same day as a roast dinner, get it all Read the full article…

Tuna Pasta Bake With Tomato and Cheesy Sauce

tuna pasta bake

Tuna and pasta shells in tomato sauce topped with creamy cheese sauce and baked in the oven – the best tuna pasta bake ever! This is the fish dish for people who don’t like fish. The tomato sauce takes any strong fishy taste away from the tuna, and the cheese sauce on top just makes Read the full article…

Easy Jammy Biscuits

Homemade Jammy Biscuits

These easy homemade jammy biscuits are like a hybrid between a biscuit and a cake and are just scrummy with a cuppa! If you don’t have a toddler helping you, yours will look much neater too! In my bid to replace all the supermarket biscuits I used to buy with homemade ones, we have been Read the full article…