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I have toyed with splitting up my blog for a while now. I love doing my recipes and the odd few family posts here, but I have felt a bit restricted about writing too much on other things as I know a lot of people subscribe just for recipes and I didn’t want to bombard them with our (slightly hippy) aspirations.

I have already shared a bit about our lifestyle choices here, but after a few comments that my articles on home education etc were unwanted / random for those who subscribed mainly for cooking ideas, I decided we definitely needed a different space for that kind of stuff.

So you can now find me at Simple Family Living – where I’ll be joined by my husband and be blogging about thriftiness, upcycling, DIY, crafting, parenting, breastfeeding and living more positively. We also want to get a bit activisty and talk about things that are important to us, and the charities and campaigns we believe in.

This blog won’t change much – I’ll still be blogging oodles of recipes, activity ideas and doing the same kind of posts I always have. And if you’d like to follow me over at my new blog that’d be brilliant too!

I have just blogged over there about International Women’s Day and Why I Support No More Page 3, I’d love it if you’d have a read!

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  1. Wow congrats on another blog. Shame people are so rude to tell you that they don’t want whatever you put up on ur blog. But great you found a way to do and please both. Good luck sweets.

  2. I’m slightly in awe that you’re organised enough to run not one but two blogs successfully. I have a work one and a personal one, but the former has definitely fallen by the wayside as I’ve become a little obsessed with the latter! In any case, I shall be following the new one with interest too x

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