A Poem About My ‘Mummy Body’


In the bath last night, I couldn’t help but think how much my body has changed since having my two little girls.

Even though I have times where I feel insecure about my body (particularly my mummy tummy!), I am truly amazed and so proud that it has housed and given birth to my two little ones.

While I was thinking about it, I drafted out a poem. Its my first attempt at anything like this – so let me know what you think! L x

UK mummy blogger poem about her body

I won’t mourn for you, my former self,
The woman of the past,
The one without a flabby tum,
And a stretched then stitched up faff,

The one that used to go to the gym,
And keep herself all thin,
The one without a million stretch marks,
Etched across her skin,

The one who used to do her hair,
And make up every day,
And not be covered in sick and poop,
Or paint from messy play,

I won’t mourn for you, my former self,
The woman of the past,
But sometimes when I think of you,
Insecurities kick in fast,

Wondering if I’ve let myself go,
and why those jeans don’t fit,
Annoyed at my body even though,
Such amazing things grew from it,

I should focus on the wonderful things,
That my body’s done,
Nurturing, growing, breastfeeding,
Being the oven to my bun,

So whenever I think I don’t look as good,
And the old me I begin to miss,
I’ll take a moment to myself,
And remember to do this,

To look down at my scars and flaws,
And give a thankful smile,
For without them I wouldn’t have the little ones,
That make my life worthwhile.



  1. Great poem I’m starting to feel very nervous as to what I’m going to look like after I’ve given birth you just helped put it into perspective xx

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