Why We Are Giving Cloth Nappies A Go

Benefits of Cloth Nappies

I have been wanting to try cloth nappies for a long while now, but have put it off for fear it would be a lot of hassle.  Last week we finally decided to make the switch to cloth nappies to see how we got on, and I am kicking myself we didn’t do it from the beginning!

I have a 4 month old and a 22 month old, so two in nappies. And I am lazy. And I would rather not deal with poo any more than I have to. And I still LOVE cloth nappies.

So, if you are pregnant and thinking about using reusable nappies or thinking about switching with your current baby here are what I believe are the key benefits.


Why we have switched to cloth nappies:

– They save money (lots of it! Estimates of savings generally range from £500 to £1000 even with extra washing costs! Councils often offer small incentives too – ours offers £25 cashback for a £50 spend on cloth nappies).

– I will never run out of them and have to trek out to the supermarket at stupid o’clock.

– They are better for the girls’ sensitive skin.

– They are so snuggly and look and feel loads more comfortable for the girls. No more sweating against plastic.

– Most fit from birth to potty so I don’t need to buy loads of sizes.

– Both my girls are in one size which stops me having to take 2 sizes of nappy out with me (yay for a lighter bag!).

– They stop my bin being completely filled with stinky nappies (two weeks between bin collections is a long time with two churning out dirty nappies!)

– Less leaks (who’d have thought it? Many cloth nappying parents say that they leak far less than disposables, and I have found this so far too, much to my surprise!)

– They are better for the environment (even with the extra washing factored in).

– They have a great resell value to get some money back when you are done with them.

– They look so cute!


Do you cloth nappy or are you thinking about it? Have I missed any of the benefits? Don’t forget to follow my blog for lots more reusable nappy info over the coming weeks!

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  1. Hi Laurenne, congratulations on using cloth!

    We have done the same with both of our daughters & saved a fortune while saving the environment. We were so taken with them (& I didn’t want to go back to work) that I set up hunnybums where we offer council approved independent advice & sell reusable nappies. Even Mr Hunnybums has become completely committed!

    We believe that is people just had the right advice & information so that they know how easy it is, more people would give it a try. When people see them in the flesh (& realise that there’s not a nappy pin in sight) they’re usually pleasantly surprised. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of negative pre-conceptions out there 🙁

    It’s incumbent on all of us to spread the word without being pious. As we say, “peachy; not preachy!”

  2. We have had cloth fit ages but j rarely use them.. you have inspired me to try again. Need bigger clothes to fit over them though… The Aldi disposables ate so good though…

  3. So nice to hear other people using cloth nappies. We decided to with our gorgeous boy as we had some friend’s who had used them. For the first week or so we used tiny disposables we had been given free with certain offers etc and then we made the switch and we haven’t looked back since! I do occasionally use disposables, if gorgeous boy is a bit poorly or he goes to stay with Grandma, but we find the washing of the nappies etc a doddle. We also got vouchers from our council, £75 in total to go towards the nappies. I hope they keep building in popularity, for the environment and for our little ones delicate skin!

  4. I’ve been meaning to go back to our bumgenius nappies. They were way too big when Lumpy was first born and leaked all the time, and gave her nappy rash but how she’s weaning and offerings are more, well, solid, I think I can manage better – particularly using biodegradable flushable liners to catch the poop.

    Thanks – feeling inspired again.

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