Cheese and Vegetable Muffins Recipe

Cheese and vegetable savoury muffins

I made these yummy cheese and vegetable savoury muffins with the girls this week and I have to say they are one of favourite recipes at the moment. I can’t wait to try more variations of this super versatile recipe.

I used grated carrot and courgette but you really can dump whatever you like in there. Next time I am going to just finely chop some leftover cooked veg from a roast dinner – like broccoli and cauliflower. I pre-cook the veg  if you are leaving it in chunks, but if it is grated it is fine to go in raw.

Ham, bacon or leftover cooked chicken are nice to add too if you want them meatier. I am also planning to try them with some finely chopped herbs, probably chives or perhaps basil with some mozzerella chunks and sliced cherry tomatoes.

The veg is completely hidden when you grate it so they are perfect for squeezing some extra veg into fussy toddlers. They have no salt so are fine for babies too, but you could always add a pinch of salt or other seasoning if making these for adults / older children. I actually served these at a buffet over Christmas and they were very well received!Cheese carrot and courgette muffins

I was passed this recipe from a friend but it looks very similar to this one on My Daddy Cooks, so I will credit there as it is such a fab food blog with loads of family friendly recipes.

They are nice with soup as a meal but next time I might them in smaller bun tins for an easy smaller snack.

Makes 12 muffins.



A handful or 2 of veg – I used 1 and a half medium carrots and 1  medium courgette.

100g cheese (I used a mix of what I had leftover – mature cheddar and red Leicester)

225g self-raising flour

1 egg

55ml oil

175ml milk

Cheese and vegetable muffins


1) Preheat oven to 190* (180* fan). Finely chop or grate the vegetables you are using. Squeeze some water out of the carrot and courgette when grated if you are using ‘wet’ vegetables like this (it doesn’t matter if you don’t do this but your muffins with have more soggy middles). Grate the cheese.

2) Add the veg and cheese to a bowl and mix in the flour.

3) Add the eggs, oil and milk and stir really well to combine.

4) Brush a muffin tin with oil and spoon the mixture in.

5) Bake for 15-20 minutes or until browned on top. The middles felt a little squidgy but they firmed up as they start to cool.

6) Enjoy warm or cooled. They also reheat nicely in the oven or microwave.


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  1. I came across your blog today when I was looking for a banana cake recipe. I made one yesterday and didn’t like the consistency/ texture of mine so I will be trying your receipe out soon. I then liked your website so much I Looked through a bunch of your recipes and saw these savoury muffins and decided to try them out straight away as they look in the pics so delicious! They are in the oven cooking and I can’t wait to try them! Thank you 🙂

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