Dormeo Mattress Review


Even though we are really frugal in most areas, there are certain items that just shouldn’t be scrimped on – a good mattress is one of them.

After a few years of sleeping on a lumpy, hard and uncomfy mattress, I almost bit Dormeo’s hand off when they asked us to review one of their luxury memory foam mattresses.

We had the Dormeo Memory Foam Deluxe mattress, which came really quickly and was packed into a small thin box – a big relief as we had a nightmare getting our last one up two flights of stairs to our bedroom (the perils of living in a 3 storey house!). It popped into shape quickly in our room and I couldn’t wait to try it for the first time.

The quality is great, I had been put off memory foam in the past after having a cheap one that made me really hot and bothered but Dormeo mattresses have special cores which prevent a build-up of heat and humidity on the sleep surface. The mattress feels quite firm at first but as you lie down it adapts to your body shape and really is unbelievably comfortable. I am a terrible sleeper, and I can’t believe how much better I have slept since getting this mattress. I have been dying to get back to bed each day!

I would recommend Dormeo mattresses to anyone and  I only wish that I had invested in a quality mattress sooner!



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