Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

Super Easy Chocolate Cake

This is a really easy and classic chocolate cake and is one of my favourite ever family recipes. My nan used to make this cake for her birthday every year when I was young and we all absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait for her to make it again.

The recipe calls for cocoa powder, but we use Cadbury’s drinking chocolate which gives a lovely light milk-chocolate type cake – but you can use cocoa powder if you want a darker more traditional chocolate cake.

It is filled with a gorgeous chocolate buttercream and topped with just pure melted chocolate. I am salivating describing it!

We use Cadbury’s Dairy Milk in the buttercream and for the topping and it is just perfect but you can use whatever chocolate you like.


Ingredients (Cake):
200 g  self raising flour
225 g caster sugar
½ teaspoon salt
25 g cocoa powder or Cadbury’s drinking chocolate
100 g  margarine / Stork
2 medium eggs
5 tablespoons evaporated milk
5 tablespoons water
A few drops vanilla essence


For the buttercream and topping:

200g chocolate of your choice (we use Dairy Milk). You will use 100g of this for the buttercream and the other 100g for the topping.

100g butter

125g icing sugar

2 teaspoons cocoa powder (or Cadbury’s drinking chocolate)


Easy Milk Chocolate Cake

Method (Cake):

1) Preheat oven to 180*c / 350*f / Gas Mark 4. Grease 2 round victoria sandwich cake tins (not loose-bottomed).

2) Mix flour, sugar, salt and cocoa powder together in a large mixing bowl.

3 Rub in the margarine.

4) Beat the eggs with the evaporated milk, the water and a few drops of vanilla essence.

5) Add the liquid into the dry ingredients and beat well.

5 Place mixture in prepared tins and bake for about 25-35 minutes. It’s done when the sponge springs back from a touch to the middle.

7) Let cool completely.


To make the buttercream and topping:

1) To make the buttercream, melt 100g of the chocolate (in short bursts in the microwave or in a bowl over a pan of boiling water). Try not to let it get too hot.

2) Put the butter in a mixing bowl and sift the icing sugar into the butter. Add two teaspoons of cocoa powder and mix well.

3.) When the chocolate has cooled down a bit, add the melted chocolate to the buttercream and mix well.

4) Spread the buttercream on top of one of the cakes and pop the other cake on top. If the buttercream is very soft you can pop it in the fridge for half an hour or so to firm up a bit so it spread on easier.

5) To make the topping, melt the remaining 100g of chocolate and spread onto the top of the cake, smoothing with a knife.

6) Leave the chocolate to set. Then slice and enjoy!


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  1. Hi, I’m keen to try this recipe. But, we don’t normally stock margerine and evaporated milk at home. Is it possible to replace with butter and normal milk instead? Also do u have any successful choc muffins recipe to share?
    Many thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Hi Yvonne, I actually make those exact substitutions for the cake in the pictures so yes it does work although not as sweet as when you use the evaporated milk, so you could add a bit of extra sugar if you wanted but its fine without. I’ll definitely get on to blogging a chocolate muffin recipe in the next week or so 🙂 I have an excuse now! L x

      • Hi Laurenne, thanks so much for your speedy response. I will surely try this out. I’m looking fwd to your choc muffin blog. I tried your banana muffin recipe yesterday and it’s superb *wink*

  2. Wow I have been making this recipe since our children were toddlers, it’s always been one of their favorites, (they are now aged 48, 46 and 42 year LOL)
    They still ask for it as a treat for birthdays etc.
    As you can imagine I have used all sorts of fillings and toppings over the years but the cake has always remained the same.
    One of our favorite toppings is dark chocolate icing.
    Thank you for sharing your recipes, they are lovely.

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