Easy Homemade Coleslaw

How to make homemade coleslaw

It is so hot here I am hating cooking hot meals at the moment. This homemade coleslaw is a great side for with BBQ’s, on a sandwich or to top a jacket potato.

I had never tried making my own coleslaw until a few months ago. I love the coleslaw you get in restaurants but I find the stuff from supermarkets is always disappointing and often quite expensive.

My simple homemade coleslaw recipe is really tasty, and you can make a large amount fairly cheaply. How to make it: You really don’t have to measure your ingredients well with coleslaw, pretty much anything goes. I aim for roughly a handful of everything but onion – I used a bit too much onion in my first few attempts so just be mindful not to use a lot as it tastes strong when grated.

The ingredients are listed below and you can see the approx. amounts I’ve used in the picture here. Don’t leave out the grated apple – I got this tip from a resturant I love and it really makes this extra yummy!

How to make homemade coleslaw


  • Approx 2 grated carrots
  • 1 large handful grated white cabbage
  • a bit of grated red onion (just a couple of grates on the grater! Don’t use too much onion – it tastes really strong when grated.)
  • 1 apple, peeled and grated
  • 1 handful grated cheddar cheese
  • A few tablespoons mayonnaise
  • A sprinkling chopped or dried chives (optional)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • A squeeze of lemon juice (optional)



1. Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl.

2. Add a few tablespoons mayonnaise, some salt and pepper, a little squeeze of lemon juice and some chopped chives if using.

3. Give it a really good mix and add more mayo until it is as moist as you like.


Enjoy! L x



  1. I love this , were having burgers tonight so a big dollop of this will also be on the many. And your right, it always tastes so much better than supermarket 🙂

  2. I normally make coleslaw but haven’t tried it with apple. Would it still store in the fridge for a day or would the apple go brown?
    Making some now for BBQ tomorrow.

    • Yes mine always seems to store fine for a day or 2 – maybe the vinegar in the mayo preserves it a bit? I think the first time I did it I added a bit of lemon juice as I was worried about it so maybe try that?

      L x

  3. I’m gonna try this for my dad’s surprise party of about 60ppl minus the cheese and chives I think but the apple sounds like its sweet in it. So yummy can’t wait

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