IKEA Duktig Children’s Play Kitchen Review

IKEA duktig kids play kitchen review

I adore IKEA, and drag hubby there at every possible opportunity.

When I saw the Duktig children’s kitchen I couldn’t resist buying it for Lissy (and myself!). She loves helping out in the kitchen and pretend playing with a little tea set she has so I knew she would love it! It comes with little adjustable legs so you can use it at three different heights to grow with your children.

It was really easy to assemble (but me and Hubby are pretty handy with an an allen key after furnishing most of our house from IKEA).

At £60 (£46 for the kitchen cabinet unit and £14 for the optional top section) I think the price is very reasonable for what it is, a lot of plastic play kitchens are around the £30 mark and the Duktig kitchen definitely feels built to last. Although you will inevitably fall in love with all the accessories and end up spending more!

ikea duktig childrens kitchen review

The colours are neutral white and wood and look nice and modern. If you find the colours boring though you can always do something like this!

The hob has little buttons with turn on lights to make it looks like the hob is on (they also go off after a certain amount of time so you don’t have to worry about them being left on all the time!). It doesn’t show on the main IKEA product image but it also has a little rail with hooks ready to hang the Duktig mini utensil set. We also added a £0.60 Bygel container to ours for storing other utensils. We also had a go at a little IKEA hack – adding some little stick on Oleby motion sensor lights so they come on and illuminate the work surface as she plays.

There is also an adorable range of accessories and pretend food in the Duktig series, but I will talk about this in another post!

My only gripe is that the cupboards are a bit hard for her to open, so she just pulls out the sink basin and goes into the cupboard from above! Another few months and I’m sure she’ll have them mastered though.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars – Lovely item that I hope will last years and give my girls hours of fun.


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