Living Below The Line: Day 1


Day 1 of living below the line is almost complete so here is what we have eaten today and how we found our first day.

Breakfast was cereal – I had to really water down the milk on my cornflakes as hubby fed him and the kids while I slept in this morning and he used quite a bit of milk. The girls had a glass juice with theirs, we had water. Really missed having a cup of tea.

Kids had biscuits as a snack mid morning. We had nothing.

Lunch was rice with some frozen veg fried in a bit of butter with a stock cube for some flavour. Was really ready for it after not snacking all morning and it was a lot tastier than I thought it would be. The kids enjoyed their sandwiches, cucumber, tomatoes and some of our rice.

Normally after lunch we would have some fresh fruit then tea (and probably a few biscuits) so I was reallllllly peckish by mid afternoon. I had one custard cream mid afternoon as a snack.

Dinner was spaghetti with tomato and vegetables with a teeny sprinkling of cheese, we also had a 34p garlic baguette with it. Me and hubby shared a measley fun size apple, and the girls shared one too and had a mini yoghurt each.

We have only been drinking water all day and I am missing tea and juice like mad. The meals we had were good, but it makes you realise how much you mindlessly snack, I lost count of how many times I mindlessly wandered over and opened the fridge before realise I couldn’t just graze like I usually would. I am glad we have quite a busy week as I’m finding it hard to be at home without thinking about and wanting more food.

Hopefully we can have a few more snacks as the week goes on – as at the moment I am keen to make sure we have enough for the kids to eat well before we have think about ourselves.

I’d love it if you would follow our progress for the rest of the week – or consider joining the main campaign week yourself (it starts the 28th April so you still have some time!). I’ll be sharing all my meal pictures this week on my instagram, and you can donate to support the wonderful work of The Hunger Project via my fundraising page.

L x



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