Living Below The Line: Day 2


As I write this my head is banging and my stomach rumbling. My headache has been constant for the past few days, which I think is to do with not having any caffeine and very little sugar.

Breakfast today was 1 slice of wholemeal toast with butter and jam.

Mid morning the kids shared a banana and then had some breadsticks to snack on. We stuck to water.

For lunch I poured an egg over some leftover spaghetti with tomato and vegetables and made a frittata. It was yummy but I felt like I could have eaten it 3 times!

In the afternoon we all had a value scone with butter and jam (the girls shared 1) – oh my god it was divine and we savoured every mouth full as it’s been the only snack we’ve had.

Dinner was a jacket potato with beans, cheese and a little bit of cucumber and tomato. Not a bad meal but a fairly small portion. The girls had a yoghurt each after dinner, then an apple each before bed.


Going to have to go to bed soon as I really struggle in the evenings not eating anything. It’s rare I am in bed before midnight but without snacking to fuel me staying up working I am really really tired!

It is so hard to concentrate when you are hungry – I wrote a while back about childhood malnutirion and it’s effects and it is just horrible that in 2014 there are still children going hungry.

If you are enjoying reading about our week, I’d love it if you could make a donation to my chosen charity The Hunger Project on my fundraising page . Let’s end hunger!


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