Living Below The Line: Day 3


As we finish our third day I feel slightly panicky about the next few days – packets are beginning to empty.

Today for breakfast we had cornflakes and milk (watered down for me and hubby to make the bottle last longer for the kids). Lunch was a boiled egg and toast and dinner was rice-sotto (risotto make with long grain rice and frozen vegetables). The risotto was bland as hell and I’m sick of the same frozen veg mix so I had to really force it down. We also had a few potato wedges between us, which were nice but really dry without anything to dip them in. Feeling very miserable after made me realise how much happiness and enjoyment I get from food – I completely  take for granted the feeling of contentment I get at the end of a filling, tasty meal.

Snack for the day was one lousy custard cream biscuit.


I am dreading tomorrow as we have round 2 of crap risotto for lunch (hopefully I can add a bit of cheese and fry it in a tiny bit of butter to spruce it up) and juts omelette and wedges for tea. Really looking forward to a piece of toast and jam in the morning though!

It’s my first day where I am at home with the kids all day rather than being out and about so I think it’s going to be much harder tomorrow to stay away from the cupboards.

Only 2 days to go for me, but remember we can help those really suffering from hunger. If you’d like to donate, you can do so donate here. L x







  1. Congrats for doing this Laurenne x
    It makes you realise how lucky we are to have lots of food and also make you think more about families that dont. Food banks are being used by hundreds of families, it doesnt seem right in this day and age. People are still starving to death in other countries and supermarkets here throw thousands of pounds of food out!! Also makes you think that you can live on less food, my grocery bill is over £100 with 2 adults and 4 kids to feed!!
    Wish I had the courage to try it.

    • Thanks Joanne x

      It really does – that is what is most crazy really, people are starving to death in other countries yet we over-consume and waste loads. Has really made me see that I buy too much per week and need to plan my fruit and veg better so nothing get’s wasted!

      Thanks for commenting x

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