Living Below The Line: Day 4


As we near the end of day 4 the end is in sight, so here’r a rundown of today’s meals.  I had a piece of toast with jam while the girls had cereal and a piece of toast too.

Lunch was leftover rubbish risotto from yesterday, made slightly more bearable by the fact I fried it up in a bit of butter and added a bit of cheese. It gets so hard to force down bland rice by the time you get half way through the meal.

Dinner was probably the best size portion we have had, potato wedges with a 3 egg omelette (between the 4 of us) with a tin of beans and half a tin of garden peas. The peas were a really lovely shade of grey *vom*. Actually really enjoyed this dinner because I was soo hungry!

I tried to make a rice pudding this evening, cooking the rice in a bit of milk and sweetening with jam. It was just about passable, but it was grainy and sickly. Man are we SICK of rice and eggs. And tomorrow we have egg fried rice to look forward to!


My  husband had a meeting at a lovely pub today, and dutifully went along with his box of leftover risotto to reheat for lunch and drank only tap water, so very proud of his commitment! When my husband told the client he was meeting what we were doing, he couldn’t believe he had spent more on his breakfast than our whole weekly food budget – craziness.

Doing this has made me so much more conscious of how much we waste. The amount of food thrown away each year is just staggering when there are 1.2 billion people around the world living in extreme poverty. The extreme poverty line is defined by The World Bank as people surviving on £1 or less per day. To put this into perspective, £670 could feed 22 children every day for an entire school year in the developing world based upon averages calculated by the World Food Programme. Around £30 would cover this cost for each child, which is equivalent to what Britons are wasting in just over two weeks.

Could you shop more wisely and waste less? I will definitely be trying to. And if you’d like to do some good with all of that money you’ll be saving, you can help to end hunger by donating on my fundraising page.


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