Living Below The Line: Day 5


The final day and I am so so so looking forward to tomorrow. The lack of fruit and fresh veg has left me feeling so rubbish and I can’t wait to eat ‘properly’ tomorrow. All the fresh fruit we had went to the girls so we have had pretty much nothing all week. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to eat like this week after week.

We started our final day with cornflakes and milk, followed by a small portion of tinned soup and eggy bread for lunch then egg fried rice for tea. More eggs, more rice more frozen veg. Just looking at it now makes me feel a bit sick, I am so bored of eating the same things.

We got another scone for a snack today, and hoovered up a few other tiny bits that were lingering at the bottom of packets.


I wished we could have made the most of the lovely weather and gone to the park with a picnic and had ice creams  today – it really makes it hit home to you how isolating have little money is. In the UK, 13million people live below the poverty line, with one in every three children affected and one in five mums skipping meals to feed their kids.  This week I have cancelled plans with friends because I wouldn’t be able to buy a cup of tea when we were out, or be able to face their kids having snacks bought for them and me not being able to buy anything for my kids. How isolating this must be week after week. Living below the line has made me want to do more to help, and I’m going to look into ways we can help out our local food bank.

It also changed my attitude to what we spend on food… I did our shopping today for next week and have tried to take with me what I have learnt this week about meticulously planning and not wasting food, I have planned a week of lovely meals with sooo much fruit and veg and I still managed to get my shop for £40.99. I might share it with you to contrast to this weeks meal plan!

If you have being following our Live Below the Line week I would love it if you could help us to end hunger sooner by supporting the fabulous charity The Hunger Project on my fundraising page – you can donate any amount and pay via card or Paypal. Even if you can only spare £1, it all adds up.

I’ll be reflecting on our week soon. L x



  1. Please do share your weekly shopping list for £40 and if possible, your meal plan too?

    I am in need of inspiration!!

    Thx always for your fantastic blog.

  2. Well done, Laurenne and family on getting to day 5! If you do decide to post the receipt from your 40.99 grocery shop, I’d love to see it for ideas. We are also a family of 4 (hubby and I plus a 2 year old and 20 month old), and I spend 120 pounds each week on food (but that includes expensive items like nappies and formula). I’d love to be able to cut that amount back, and seeing your receipt might give me a kick-start!

  3. Wow well done at sticking at this, it does not sound fun and just reading about it makes me remember just how lucky I am, it’s so easy to take food on the table for granted. x

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