My 101 Toddler Lunch Ideas eBook

101 Simple Lunch Ideas ebook

15 simple lunch ideas for toddlers has been one of the most popular posts I have written for this blog.

In talking to other parents I  found that many of us often really struggle with what to feed our little ones at lunch time when they are at home.

I decided to do some more research and put together an eBook of 101 of my favourite ideas, recipe and tips for lunches.

It is just 99p to buy, and it is packed with 101 of my favourite ideas for:

Toddler Tapas

Bread Based Lunches

Egg Based Lunches

Potato Based Lunches

Pizza Style Lunches

Soups and Salads

Noodles, Rice and Pasta

Lunch Time Baking

Cold Lunches

Hot Lunches

Lunches from leftovers


You can buy a PDF version to download from my website by clicking here.

Or you can also buy my product on Amazon / the Kindle store by clicking the link below, or searching the Kindle store from your e-reader.

I really hope it helps anyone struggling with what to feed their children – I’d love to know if you like it so please say so by leaving a review on the book page if you do!

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  1. Just purchased this book after reading the 15 lunch ideas blog. My son is lactose intolerant & an incredibly fussy eater. I cant wait to get some new, fresh ideas!

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