Our Favourite Things To Do in Summer


Well, our summer seems to have well and truly arrived! If I am totally honest though, I don’t really do well in the heat and am far more of a winter person than a summer girl!

What I do like about this weather though, is that you can do so much more with the kids and you don’t have to pay for entry somewhere just to get out of the cold / rain!

Here are some of our favourite things to do now it is officially summer:

Go for a Picnic

I love going for picnics, its a really cheap and lovely way to spend the day. With a few sandwiches and a ball to play with you can have a whole day out that costs next to nothing. Every time Lissy sees a baguette she starts yelling ‘Picnic!! Picnic!!’ – thanks for that Peppa Pig.

picnics our favourite things to do in summer


Get the garden toys out

Our garden is only half finished at the moment as we are waiting for a patio to be put down, but we still get out on our little patch of grass with the garden toys when we can.

I picked up this great paddling pool from Asda that has a sun shade to protect your little ones.

We also have a Little Tikes slide and a Keter playhouse from Kiddicare to keep Lissy amused.

I can’t wait until Cait is old enough to play with her too, and I have already bought some outdoor skittles for when they are old enough to play some proper garden games!

garden toys our favourite things to do in summer


Visit a park

In summer I always keep a picnic blanket in the basket of our pushchair. I have it ready to whip it then if we want to park up on the grass in the park and play ball with Lissy, or if I need to feed the baby when we are out and about.

There are lots of nice parks around, and visiting a park is another really cheap day out. Lissy loves slides and the swings and our local park (Queens Park in Chesterfield) has a lovely little miniature train you can all ride on for a few pounds.

park our favourite things to do in summer


Visit a Fair / Fete (and eat lots of ice cream!)

Last weekend we visited a local fete with my grandparents and had a lovely day out for only £2 entry each. Our local children’s centre also holds a few events over summer so we hope to make it to those too.Check what is going on in your local area as there are always loads of fairs, fetes and events this time of year.

fetes our favourite things to do in summer


Play in the Sand

Much to parents dismay when they find it EVERYWHERE, our little ones seem to adore sand. Unfortunately, you can’t get much more inland than where we live, but we did manage to get to the beach when we had a weekend break in Cleethorpes last month. If you don’t fancy the beach you can always get the sand pit out in the back garden 🙂 playing with sand our favourite things to do in summer


Have a Water Fight

When I was a little girl I used to love spending summer days having water fights in the garden with my family. There is not a more fun way to spend an afternoon – so get out the water guns, buckets and the hose!


What do you love to do with the family in summer?

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