Our Top 5 Family Meals

Our favourite family meals

I love this post by Jocelyn at The Reading Residence where she shared her top 5 family meals (and I feel very honoured that one of my recipes was featured!).

I thought I’d join in and share our top family meals. I love to cook, god knows where I got it from because my mum (sorry!) is the queen of ready meals. I’d spend all day in the kitchen if I didn’t have to work and look after my children!

I like to try out new recipes and ideas I find on the internet  or recipes, but I also have a few real staple meals that we eat fairly regularly, so without further ado, here are our top 5 family meals….


1. Pasta

I am a real pasta girl. I would eat pasta for every meal if I could, so this has to be top of my list. Luckily my husband and toddler like it too so we have a pasta dish at least once per week. Some of our favourites are my slow cooker spag bol, best ever tomato pasta,  cheesey tuna pasta bake and this hidden veg macaroni cheese.


2. Risotto

I know this is pretty similar to the above but risotto is another one of our favourites, my toddler loves it and we got her eating loads more veg by sneaking it into a risotto. I love how you can sling any veg you have into a risotto, we often make variations of my super easy vegetable risotto or green vegetable risotto. Don’t forget to make arancini with the leftovers!


3. Puff pastry pizzas / tart

Like Jocelyn this is one of our staples. I love how you can turn a sheet of ready rolled puff pastry into a really lovely meal with just popping a few toppings on and bunging it in the oven. We make these puff pastry pizzas really often and have recently enjoyed this puff pastry courgette tart as an alternative.


4. Minced Beef

When we want something really hearty and warming I often make this slow cooker minced beef. We eat it loads of ways – either with shortcrust pastry as a pie, topped with mash as a cottage pie or just poured over a giant yorkshire pudding. It also makes a lovely filling for my leftovers pasties!


5. Crispy Chicken

One of our favourite treat meals is this fake-away Popcorn chicken. It is lovely with wedges, chips and beans, gravy or coleslaw a la KFC 🙂 I’d love to say we eat this in such a civilised manner but if I am totally honest it barely makes a plate most times as we can’t resist eating it all straight away! When we want something healthier I make these oven baked chicken goujons, my toddler loves them with ketchup and they are really nice in a baguette or on a salad drizzled with sweet chilli sauce for the grown ups!


Looking through my blog recipes as inspiration for this all I seem to cook is pasta and cake?! I must rectify this and post some more varied recipes – I do cook other things I promise 🙂

L x



  1. Great list! Pasta’s a firm favourite here, too. In fact, I’ve just bought some Thomas the Tank shaped pasta for the kids as they’re still obsessed since our Thomasland trip! We love cheese & ham, and tuna, sweet corn & dairylea for a very quick tea. Never really got into risotto, so will give that a try next, thank you. Thanks for linking up 🙂 PS We actually had puff pastry pizza today!

  2. We love rissotto in this house! Actually whats for tea tonight.

    My trouble is we get suck with the same meals for weeks! I think I’ll be trying the Puff pastry pizzas / tart. Sounds yummy!

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