Slow Cooker Sweet Chilli Gammon Recipe


I love gammon in the slow cooker and have tried loads of recipes to find the perfect way to cook it. After trying cooking it in coke (a la Nigella), apple juice and cider I found the mix of sweet and savoury a little strange so I was after a good savoury marinade.

Gammon slow cooked in the crock pot in sweet chilli marinade

I asked on Twitter if anyone could recommend anything savoury to cook it and and the lovely Amanda from City Girl Gone Coastal pointed me in the direction of a Pinterest board full of yummy inspiration! After seeing a recipe on there that used chilli chutney it reminded me that I have a good few jars of Nigella’s chilli jam leftover from xmas to use so I decided to use this. This would work equally well with sweet chilli sauce.

It is barely a recipe it is so easy, but I’ll post what I did anyway 🙂 I served ours with egg, chips and mushy peas! Would also go really well with grilled pineapple or on sandwiches.



Gammon Joint

Chilli Jam / Sweet Chilli Sauce



1) Slather chilli jam / sauce generously all over the gammon and leave to marinade overnight in the fridge.

2) When you get up in the morning bung it in the slow cooker (no need to add anything else).

3) Cook on low for 8+ hours

4) Remove and carve ( I say “carve”, but when it has been slow cooked it is so tender it just pulls apart in chunks). Yummy!

Sweet Chilli Gammon


  • If you like a crispy / sticky outer layer take out of the slow cooker, rub more jam over the gammon and finish it off in the oven at 200* until it is how you like it.


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