Toad in the Hole Recipe


I love toad in the hole but was beginning to give up on it after a few failed attempts. I tried this recipe though and it came out perfectly so it must be fool proof!

It was so yummy that hubby was raving about it. I tend to chop the sausages up into little chunks as our toddler LB and I like it better that way (I’m a big kid too!) 🙂

Makes a great alternative to a Sunday roast served with mash, veg and thick onion gravy! Serves 4.

Easy Fool-Proof Toad in the hole


285ml milk

115g plain flour

pinch of salt

3 eggs

6-8 sausages



1) Preheat the oven to the highest setting (approx. 230*)

2) Put half a cm of oil in a baking tray (the one I used was a bit too small so was a bit thick in the middle, still yummy but next time I’ll use a bigger one!)

3) When the oil is hot (after 5 mins or so) add your sausages. Keep an eye on the, – you want them to start to go brown on the outside.

4) Mix the milk, flour, salt and eggs together to make the batter. Put to one side.

5) When the sausages are lightly golden take them out of the oven and pour the batter over the top (beware it may spit a bit!).

6) Return to the oven and don’t open the door for at least 20 mins to get a good rise!

7) Remove from the oven after 20-30 minutes – when the Yorkshire is crisp and golden and cooked through.


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  1. Yum! Do you know, I have only just managed to make the perfect Yorkshire pudding! *not bragging honest* I love toad in the hole and its always a firm favourite. I have not made it in a while though and after reading this I am adjusting my shopping trolley online to have this for my dinner next week!

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