Caitlyn’s Birth Story


After feeling so fed up being overdue it now seems crazy to be writing up my birth story just a few days later!

So on Wednesday my midwife offered me a sweep which I decided go ahead with. It was awful. She said as baby’s head was so low and my cervix was far back it was incredibly difficult to do which made it mega painful. I bled quite heavily after and spent the rest of the day and next day terrified something was wrong. It went from fresh red blood to brown blood the next day and there was lots of it.

Thursday night I lost a few big mucousy globs and some brown clots which I thought any have been my show. I went to bed thinking ‘tonight may be the night’ but I have had so many false alarms in the past few weeks that I daren’t get my hopes up. I woke up at 4am really disappointed nothing was happening.

I then woke again at 6am with a few niggly pains. I thought they may be contractions but they were quite far apart. I rang my mum who’d be looking after Lissy and told her she had better come over as I thought I was starting.

I had a bath and pottered around the house for a while. My contractions were a bit irregular and 6-8 mins apart but were really intense when they did come.

Around 10am we decided to leave for the hospital just to get checked over. It was a bit mad at this point as triage was packed with ladies waiting for scans etc and I was on all fours in the full waiting room growling with contractions for about half an hour until we could get seen! My contractions were still not very close together but very strong when they did come so I was sure something must be happening.

When I was examined though I was shocked to find out I was already 4-5cm dilated and they went to get me a room in delivery ready!

The midwife was moaning that my contractions weren’t that close together so didn’t want me to get in the pool yet in case it slowed things down. So I bounced around on the ball for a while before finally getting into the pool. I have a hilarious photo of me with my huge belly in a little bikini about to get in the pool but I don’t think I’m brave enough to share!

The midwives were monitoring my contractions and I was having one long really painful contraction, followed by a shorter less painful contraction pretty consistently throughout most of my labour.

I managed in the pool for a while before asking if I could have some gas and air. I was a bit annoyed at this point as I hadn’t been examined since arrived and the midwife didn’t want to examine me, but I was dying to know if I was progressing OK and whether or not I should hold on a bit longer before starting on the gas and air.

My contractions quickly for stronger and I began to have the urge to bear down and push. My waters hadn’t gone so this was due to sack of waters bulging. After a couple of contractions I felt a pop and the midwife said she thought my waters had now gone.

I felt a lot of pressure at this point and kept getting really annoyed that the midwife kept asking ‘is it pushy pressure or just pressure pressure’ How the hell do you answer that?- I snapped at her in the end that I couldn’t explain!

She was great though and kept telling me to just do what felt natural. I then had a bit of a crazy spell where I screamed through a few contractions and shouted that I thought I was going to die – this must have been when I was in transition. The midwife popped out to tell the second midwife to get ready as I was getting ready to push.

I began pushing and even though it was very painful (its making me sweat to think about actually haha!) it was much quicker than with my first. The midwife said she thought she could see lots of dark hair, this surprised us as our first girlie was completely bald and blonde! After a few pushes her head was out and I shouted ‘Holy crap is she half in and half out – I can feel it!!’. With the next contraction they told me to slide my hands down to my legs and get ready to pull her on to my chest. I did this and lifted my gorgeous girl through the water and onto my chest. She was born at 1.20pm on the 5th April 2013.

It was such a beautiful moment I am in tears writing about it. I checked in between her legs as I had a dream the night before she would be a boy so I was relieved to see she was definitely a girl (didn’t fancy returning everything pink we had!!) She was so perfect and had the cutest little mop of brown hair. I couldn’t stop smiling and looked at hubby who was beaming at us with his eyes full of tears.

She had some skin to skin with daddy while I got out of the pool and then had a really long feed (for about an hour!) which was lovely. As they can’t stitch you up straight away after a waterbirth (apparently because your skin is shrivelled from the water etc) it was really nice to get over an hour to cuddle and bond before they started the horrible process of stitching me up. I really feel I missed out on this with Lissy as they stitched me straight away with no chance for me to cuddle or feed her properly and even though they wanted me to have her on my skin I was so uncomfortable I could barely hold her. So it was much nicer for me this time!

She was weighed and was 7lb 10oz.

I had a second degree tear again, so needed some stitches but it was over with pretty quickly and bearable with the gas and air! I kept having giggling fits as they lady  stitching me was talking through the technique with 2 young midwives and it kept making me laugh so much that she was talking about my private parts like she was doing a craft tutorial (“Now I’ll do a running stitch here… etc”). Hubby was trying to stop himself laughing too because I was giggling away – it must have been so off putting for the midwife!

I then got showered and dressed and after waiting around in the hospital all day, we were home by 9pm that evening. We had a really positive water birth!

I will post more this week on our first few days at home, meeting big sister, feeding and coping in the first few days post partum but on the whole all is going very well. At four days old she hadn’t even lost a full ounce of her birth weight so she seems to be getting on brilliantly 🙂

Here are some pictures of our newest little princess, Baby C…

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  1. OH MY GOD. She is beautiful and this actually seems like a relatively straight forward birth (apart from the over-dueness) I cant wait to meet my little girl now! 3 weeks to go!!


    • It was 🙂 I hate when people scaremonger about birth it left me terrified before my first and it really wasn’t that bad. I admit does hurt like hell at the end but its over so quick and so worth it. I think ive recovered easier second time too. Good luck with your upcoming birth xx

  2. Ahh she is so gorgeous! I can’t believe we gave birth almost at exactly the same time! I didn’t get in the pool in the end and still wonder what it would have been like. Guess I will never know! So pleased we have finally got to meet our babies!

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