DIY Shirt And Tie Card For Dad

homemade birth or fathers day card for dad

This is a great and easy homemade card to make for your little one’s dad for father’s day or his birthday. My toddler is only 19 months so it is hard to find crafts that are easy for her to help with, but she loved decorating the tie with little circles of card.

I love how this shirt card came out, I saw the idea last week at our toddler group so thought we’d have a go at home then I could share it with all of you!

How To Make A Shirt Card

First, take a sheet of card and fold it in half. Then cut approx 1 inch down the centre of the card. Cut across from there to the right of the card so you have removed a rectangle of the top right half of the card.

fathers day card made by a toddler


On the left hand side of the card cut approx 1 inch slits in each side (I have marked this in pen on the photo below to show you). Close the card and fold the flaps n to make a collar.

childrens craft shirt card


Cut out a tie shape in another colour card (you could even use a funky print wrapping paper). Get some bits and pieces to decorate the scarf, I have just used circles cut out of card, but you could use card strips for a stripey scarf or any other bits you can stick on such as sequins or stars.

toddler homemade daddy birthday card craft


Let your little one go to town decorating!

toddler cutting and sticking card


Once the card is decorated, trim off any overhanging bits to tidy it up.

toddler homemade fathers day card craft


Now you can put the scarf in place, and stick it down when you are happy with the position. You can then stick down your collar on top of the tie.

origami shirt card


Your card is now finished! I have added ‘Dad’ cut out card letters but you could write a message or decorate in any way you like 🙂

diy dad card


Hope you like this 🙂 L x



  1. Lovely! This looks up right up our street. Most of our craft consists of gluing and sticking. Sometimes we really push the boat out and use squares instead of circles!

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