Easy and Perfect Pancakes

Fool Proof Pancake Recipe

These are the easiest pancakes ever to make,  put your weighing scales away – you won’t have to measure a thing! This is a  completely fool-proof pancake recipe that never fails to provide us with the perfect pancakes.

There is one problem with this recipe though… it is so easy that you’ll find yourself making these far too often!

Using plain flour makes more of a thin crepe-style pancake, however you can substitute this for self-raising flour if you prefer a thicker more fluffy American style pancake. They are also really lovely with some grated apple or pear added to the batter before frying.



1 cup plain flour

1 cup milk

1 egg

A pinch of salt

Fry light / Oil / butter for frying


Easy Simple Pancake Recipe


1) Add the flour, milk, egg and a pinch of salt to large jug and mix really well with a whisk until you have a smooth batter.

2) Put a frying pan over a high heat and spray your  pan with a couple of sprays of oil, or small knob of butter.

3) When the oil is hot add a small amount of mixture to your frying pan and tip the pan to spread it to the edges.

4) Cook until lightly golden underneath then flip to cook the other side.

5) When both sides are lightly golden remove to a plate, top with your favourite sweet or savoury filling and enjoy!


What do you like on your pancakes?

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  1. Ohhh… this makes it look much less of a fuss than normal. This is both good and bad. I LOVE pancakes, so I’m definitely going to be making them too often! In fact, I might have to make some of these really quite soon… yum.

    I really need to stock up on basic kitchen stocks. We threw out a load of stuff because we had damp problems in the last house and so a lot of food in the cupboards was ruined. The lack of flour is probably the only thing stopping me doing these for lunch tomorrow!

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