Quick and Easy Rocky Road Recipe

Easy Rocky Road Recipe

You may have seen that last month I had a bit of a love affair with no bake cakes.  After experimenting with making my no-bake malteser cake and no-bake crunchie cake I searched out some other no-bake recipes and saw the idea for rocky road.

I am not usually a fan of dark chocolate, but it is a different kettle of fish when it is mixed with buttery syrupy goodness and crushed biscuit! I made this when we had family over to visit last month and I didn’t have time to bake anything. It  is really quick to make and so delicious that you won’t want to give it time to set!



125g butter

300g dark chocolate

3 tablespoons golden syrup

200g  digestive biscuits

100g mini marshmallows (or 100g mix of mini marshmallows and dried fruits, I used marshmallows and sultanas)

A couple of teaspoons of icing sugar (optional for dusting)

How to make rocky road


1) Break the chocolate into chunks and add to a microwaveable bowl with the butter and the syrup (add to a pan if you wish to melt on hob rather than in microwave).

2) Melt in the microwave in short bursts, or on the hob over a low heat, stirring regularly until it is all melted.

3) Put the biscuits into a plastic ziploc bag and bash with a rolling pin until you have some fine crumbs and some larger pieces of biscuit left.

4) Mix the biscuit into the chocolate and add the marshmallows and dried fruit if using.

5) Spoon the mixture into a 9 inch square dish. I usually push a few extra mini marshmallows into the top to brighten it up. Refrigerate to set.

6) When fully set, cut into squares,  dust with a little icing if you wish and dig in 🙂


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