Jamie Oliver’s Satay Chicken Skewers Recipe

Easy Satay Chicken Skewers

I am a HUGE fan of satay chicken skewers and these are seriously amazing! They are really easy to make too as its pretty much just a blender job and they are much healthier than the Chinese restaurant equivalent.

They were part of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals cookbook and TV programme, and here I have separated the chicken satay skewers part out as I much prefer them served with egg fried rice rather than Jamie’s fiery noodle salad.



½ a small bunch of fresh coriander (cilantro for you Americans)

1 fresh red chilli

½ a clove of garlic

3 heaped tablespoons good-quality crunchy peanut butter

soy sauce

a 2cm piece of fresh ginger

2 limes

4  chicken breasts

 Easy Satay Chicken Skewers


1) Add the coriander, garlic, peanut butter, a luge of soy sauce, ginger (peeled), grated rind of 2 limes, juice of 1 lime to a food processor or blender.

2) Whizz to process and then season well.

3) Cut the chicken into rough chunks and thread onto 4 skewers. Rub half of the satay sauce onto the chicken skewers and reserve the other half for dipping later.

4) Pop them under the grill for 6-8 minutes on each side or until the chicken is cooked through when you cut into a piece. You can also cook in the oven – about 180*C for 12-18 mins or so, keep an eye on them!

5) Serve with the reserved sauce for dipping, rice (I make egg fried) / noodles and the salad garnish below.



Jamie also suggests you serve this with a salad garnish, I never normal make these to go with the dishes but I did with this one and I found it really made the whole dish so please try it!!

To make the garnish you simply pull of the leaves of 2 little gem lettuces, tear in ½ a small bunch of fresh coriander and add a splash of soy sauce and the juice of a lime. Add the lime and soy sauce a bit at a time until it is to your taste.

You can then use the lettuce as a little boat to scoop up the chicken and rice – yum 🙂

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  1. Tried this recipe & was so good & easy to make too. In fact were having it for tea again tonight 🙂 thanks.
    Made the popcorn chicken for my kids too thinking this would be too spicy, but in fact they loved both recipes so will defo be making these again & again.

  2. I just made this for our dinner and it was DELISH!! I did the salad garnish and egg fried rice as you suggested and it was so, so yummy, thanks!

    I discovered your blog looking for toddler dinner ideas and will become a regular reader now, you have so many fab ideas. Thanks for sharing! Xx

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