Leftover Cheese and Vegetable Pasties Recipe


This recipe uses up leftover cauliflower cheese or broccoli cheese / cheesy veg bake to make gorgeous cheesy pasties. When I was little I remember loving cheese and vegetable pasties from Coopland’s and these just remind of them!

Simply save a few spoonfuls when you have made cauliflower cheese, chill in the fridge and then make these yummy pastys with ready made puff pastry. They make a great snack, lunch or dinner with chips and gravy!

Homemade Pastys with cheese and vegetable filling



Small bowlful of leftover cauliflower / broccoli cheese.

1 roll of puff pastry

Splash of milk



1) Preheat the oven to 185* (Fan 175*). Cut your pastry roll into squares / rectangles however big you want your pasties to be. I made two giant pasties and two smaller pasties.

Pasties with puff pastry

2) Add a spoonful of filling to the middle of each pasty.

Pasties with ready rolled pastry


3) Add a splash of milk to a small glass and use a brush to paint around the edge of each pastry square (where you will seal the pasty).

Cheese and veg pastys


4) Fold the pastry over the filling and crimp the edges together to seal the filling in the middle. You can do this with your fingers (like me) or be posh and use a fork. Don’t worry too much about how they look as they tend to look OK when they puff up even if they look messy when they go in!

how to fold pasties

5) Lightly flour a baking tray (this stops them sticking and stops the bottoms being greasy) and place your pasties on the tray.

egg washed pasties

6) Brush a bit of milk over the top of the pasties.

7) Pop in the oven and cook for 15-20 mins (until nicely golden).




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  1. I am definitely going to try this, I always have some puff pastry in the freezer from when I have picked it up reduced in the supermarket and my kids love anything with pastry. Thank you for that.

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