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Now I am getting close to the birth of baby number 2 I am starting to think a lot about labour and how Lissy’s birth went. I had a great birth so you’d think I’d feel more chilled this time, but I am just as terrified something might go wrong as I was with my first.

Based on Lissy’s birth, I intend on writing a birth plan this time (I didn’t last time as I didn’t know enough of what to expect) but this time I’ll definitely be stating things like I want to be left alone with hubby to cuddle and feed baby after the birth.

I did write down a short birth story for Lissy’s birth, even though I wasn’t blogging at the time, so I thought I would share it with you all…


The day before I went into labour was fairly uneventful. I had helped hubby painting our fence outside, then gone to my aquanatal swimming class. Later on a colleague of mine had been round for me train her up on some computer stuff , she left about 9pm and I honestly hadn’t felt any different other than feeling quite strong pressure when I needed to wee. I went to bed 11pm that night feeling totally normal but woke up at 2am with backache.

I couldn’t lie down and stay in bed so I decided to have a bath to see if it went away. I still didn’t believe I would be in labour, I was 9 days early from the NHS date they gave me (about 4 days by my dates) and everyone I knew had been way overdue with their first so I just didn’t expect to be early at all!

In the bath we counted my pains and they were getting worse (started to get pressure in my bum and feeling my pelvis was pulling apart) and about 3 mins apart so we phoned Triage who told me to take paracetamol and go back to bed. Fat chance of that!

The pains got stronger over the next hour so I phoned back and asked to go into hospitalto be checked – they said they didn’t want me to but if I was really worried I could pop in. So off we went. I could hardly sit down the car ride there the pressure was so strong.When I got there, the midwife was quite dismissive and saying she thought I’d have t go home again but she was surprised when I was examined that I was 3cm dilated so said she’d get a delivery room ready.

I got into birthing pool about 4.30am. It was bliss – it was so lovely in there and contractions were bearable until nurse came in at 6am to check on me. At this point I started to be in a lot more pain and the midwife offered me some pain relief. I suddenly thought ‘Oh my god I forgot I could have pain relief!!’

So I started on gas and air and it really helped to zone me out but contractions were very strong at their peak and it made me a bit sick. I was getting worried at this point as it was painful and my waters hadn’t even gone so I was thinking It could still be hours and even days away. At about 6.30am I had to get out of the pool as baby’s heartbeat was going too fast. In between the gas and air which made me feel completely hammered, I was apparently begging them not to give me a C Section – random!

I got out of the pool and onto the bed and was told I was 7/8cm, with a couple of contractions my waters broke all over the midwife and a few more and I couldn’t help the urge to push. About 4 contractions later and she was born at 7.36am! The pushing stage was quite surreal – the gas and air made me feel quite out of it but it wasn’t at all as painful as I had imagined.

The contractions up until being about 8cm were just like very very strong period pains I have always suffered with. My little girl was so worth it! My first words when I had pushed her out were to one of the nurses ‘I knew you from school!’, I must have been thinking I knew her all the time and still high on the gas and air I just blurted out when I’d finished pushing! Hubby cried when she was then handed to me and I just smiled I was so overwhelmed. She was so perfect.My labour went really well, the midwife was really great for just leaving me get on with it and wasn’t forceful or intrusive at all. She then went off duty though so from there on my experience at the hospital went downhill.

I had a second degree tear which needed stitches, so the new midwife decided to do it straight away. I was so achey after pushing lying down that my legs being put into stirrups really made my hips ache terribly. The new midwife was so chatty – going on and on about Coronation Street which was so not what I felt like! I just wanted to snuggle with my baby.

They then took about ten minutes finding a working lamp to stitch me up, all while I was aching more and more in the stirrups. I was in such an uncomfortable position and aching so badly that I just wanted hubby to take Lissy but they wanted me to feed her so kept pulling at prodding at my boobs every few minutes. They had a problem with me feeling a lot of pressure (but not pain) when they were doing the stitches, so it took ages and about 4 painkiller injections before she finally resolved that she’d just have to get on and do it – which I’d been telling her from the beginning!

Whilst I was thrilled with my baby, the way the midwives were meant I didn’t enjoy the immediate time after her birth – it was like as soon as she was born they descended on me, I had them stitching, pulling at my boobs to feed how they wanted and thrusting information at me. I wanted to breastfeed but I wanted to do it myself in a way that felt natural and not be pulled and prodded at.

They put a DVD on called ‘Shaking your baby – its just not the deal’ and handed me hundreds of leaflets and began asking me about contraception. All when I had JUST had the baby, not what you want to think about! I didn’t even get chance to eat or drink the tea and toast they made which I was gagging for!

Once that was all done though, we got some alone time and I got a proper cuddle and feed with my little girl when I was more comfy. They wanted to see me feed a lot and I was getting really agitated as they’d said I could go home once, then changed their mind as one certain nurse hadn’t seen me feed even though the other had. I told them at that point ‘NO!’, I wanted to get home and they said OK the midwife would come the next morning. I was home by 4pm that day and so happy with my little girl.

She was a real natural at breastfeeding, and I honestly don’t think I’d have kept at it if I’d have been stuck in hospital with the midwives pulling and prodding me and making me nervous – I know some people like the help but I felt we needed to find our own rhythm in our own home where we were comfortable (I spent her first night watching YouTube videos on how to get a proper latch haha!).

I had a great experience all in all with the labour – and my birth story is a really positive one, even with my little moan about the hospital afterwards (which is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things! I just hope I am as lucky this time round!

my newborn baby girl

I can’t wait to have a newborn to snuggle again!

L x



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