Sibling Differences

Sibling Difference

I wrote last week about how, as a parent, your love doubles when you have a new baby as one of my worries when pregnant with baby number two is how I’d split my time and love between two children.

Another thing I thought a lot about when I was pregnant with Caitlyn is if she would be like her sister. Would they look the same? Have the same personality traits? The same interests?

Having only experienced our first daughter, I found it really hard to imagine having another baby that wouldn’t just be exactly the same as her.

Lissy was a gorgeous baby – bald as a coot (she still doesn’t have much in the way of hair now at nearly 2!) with big blue eyes. She was such a good baby too, she fed like a pro from the beginning and was a really good sleeper. She was so chilled out and everyone said what an easy baby she was.

She was all I had known my child to be and all I could imagine.

But then little Caitlyn was born. Birth wise, it definitely felt different having a baby second time around (that’s another post in itself that I’ll save for another day). When the midwife said as I was pushing that she could see lots of dark hair I couldn’t believe it as I had just imagined I’d have an exact little clone of Lissy. But I didn’t. I had this beautiful new little person, who looked like me and my husband and Lissy but in her own way.

Watching her character emerge over her first 4 months has been amazing. She isn’t just a clone of her sister, she is her own little person already. She has her own personality, and her own adorable gummy smile.  She makes me smile in her own special way.

She’s definitely different to her sister in some ways, she is a lot chunkier and a lot more strong physically, she was rolling over at 3 months and is so into everything already. Lissy was tiny for her age and almost dropped off the weight charts whereas Cait is a little bruiser!


Caitlyn felt a lot easier and more content as a newborn than Lissy was, but at 4 months (the age Cait is now) Lissy was happy just chilling in her bouncer chair, whereas Caitlyn is a bit fussier, more keen to be held and walked around seeing everything. But they are similar in a lot of ways too, they both settled far better in their cots than on me from a few months old (boo hoo for poor mummy who likes cuddles!) and they both love snuggling their faces into a blanket or a comforter to get to sleep.

Now she is a toddler, Lissy has such lovely little ways and her own unique set of likes and dislikes. She is such a chatterbox for her age and seems older than she is by how much she talks, she’s Peppa mad and she is a bit of a neat freak (she likes everything in its place!).

I can’t even imagine now how Caitlyn will be at her age. That she’ll have her own first words, her own weird and wonderful traits and probably her own ways of driving me (and her sister) mad too!

love that I now have two little people to watch grow and I can’t wait to see how they are similar and different as they grow older.

Now over to you, how are your children similar or are they totally different?

L x



  1. Such a sweet post, I love how their personalities shine through from day one. I’m not sure if i’ll ever have another one, but I hope if I do theyre both different in their own special way!

  2. Aww they’re such sweet photos!

    My two are starting to show their differences, although physically they are still very similar; Elma is more wriggly but a better sleeper at the moment!

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