Tuna Mayo Pasta Salad Recipe

Tuna Mayonaise Pasta Salad

This recipe is really easy and I always have tins of tuna and mayonnaise in the house so it doesn’t take much forward planning to throw this together. I love pasta in all shapes and forms but I don’t make pasta salads that often as hubby isn’t keen on cold pasta. I really fancied this one day last week though and surprisingly hubby ended up really enjoying it too!

I cooked the pasta specifically for this recipe, but if you have pasta one evening for dinner try cooking an extra 220g and letting the leftovers cool to make this for lunch the next day. It then takes just 5 mins to add the salad and tuna and is great to take to work in a lunchbox!

Serves 4.


Tuna Mayonaise Pasta Salad with lettuce cucumber and peppers


220g pasta (I used fusilli)

1 tin tuna (drained – I used tuna in spring water but any would be OK)

Salad veggies of your choice (I used handful of baby leaf lettuce leaves, a 6cm piece of cucumber, a quarter of an onion and half a small red pepper)



1. Put the pasta in a pan on salty boiling water and cook according to pack instructions (usually around 10 mins).

2. Meanwhile, drain your tin of tuna and put it in a mixing bowl with 3-4 tablespoons of mayo. Mash together with a fork. I always add a splash of vinegar to tuna mayo too (no idea why but my nan has always done it and I think it improves the flavour!)

3. Wash the lettuce, and chop that and all of your salad veggies finely.

4. When the pasta is cooked, drain it in a colander.

5. Run cold water through the pasta in the colander, tossing it around until the pasta is room temperature / cold.

6. Add the cooled pasta to the mixing bowl and mix with the tuna mayo. If it is a little dry, add some extra mayo.

7. To serve, you can either add your chopped salad to the mixing bowl and toss it all together, or plate the salad up and add the tuna pasta on top. I prefer it all tossed in together.




  • Add whatever salad veggies you like (red onion goes really well)
  • Add some tinned sweetcorn to the tuna mayo before mixing with the pasta


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